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'The Hickboo' is an animated projection mapped installation, where a wooden set is brought to life using animation and light. An audio visual piece that tells the story of a friendship between a boy and a transparent goblin that only children can see.

The story was adapted from the book "The Hick-Boo a Tale of a Tailless Transparent Goblin" by M.H Stephen Smith from 1945. It was my father's favourite book growing up and the installation was made in his memory. The adapted story represents the loss of the magic that we lose when we grow up.

While specialising in Projection Mapping with Animation and Set Design for a Masters at UWE, in collaboration with Richard George. This innovative piece harnesses both traditional and digital art to create a highly engaging installation.

To see some photos of The Hickboo set up with audiences please see here.

Thanks to all these lovely people for helping to make the Hickboo: Richard George, Simon Eastwood, Mike Farrar, Michaela Czech, Fedias Hadjixenofontos, Jake Carpenter, Chris Webster. The beautiful accompanying music was composed by Simon Eastwood from the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Autodesk Maya for modelling, content creation, compositing and animation. And VDMX and Madmapper for projection mapping.